The Fringe Dweller.

Severe Drought Afflicts Lake Mead, the Largest Reservoir in the United States
epa04329601 Hoover Dam, and behind it Lake Mead, which is at its lowest level since it was filled in 1937, is pictured near Boulder City, Nevada, USA, 24 July 2014. Built in the 1930s, Hoover Dam turned the newly-created Lake Mead into the largest reservoir in the United States. Yet a severe drought in the American Southwest has left the lake at just 39 percent capacity, with water levels at 1082 feet (330 meters), down from a high of 1225 feet (373 meters) in 1983. EPA/JIM LO SCALZO

Peter Bossard 2015. 12 dams that changed the world Hydropower Environment blog

tempest GiorgioneGiorgione: The Tempest, c. 1505-10, oil on canvas, 2’7 x 2’5

Giorgione Article  Italian painter Written by: Harold E. Wethey Retrieved 30th of March 2016.

There is much speculation about the meanings of Giorgione’s The Tempest., and some even believe that there is no meaning, but the Tempest marks a turning point in Venetian Renaissance painting in that it moves away from religious  allegory to a philosophical naturalism. It relates to the Paduan  humanist  philosopher Pietro Pomponazzi . One could speculate that the so called gypsy or Madonna in today’s terms be simply a 14th century fringe dweller. The male Venetian merely glances at the naked figure indifferently, as our modern day society might glance at a homeless person or Aboriginal out caste. The columns and plinth, pictured in the central focus point could be the workings of the dammed river which deprived native villagers of their water sources, so had to become fringe dwellers of the cities in order to survive.  The new intelligentsia of the time were recognizing  a human reality.  The gentleman  could be contemplating the fringe dweller as we do today.

dam climate change

Gary Wockner 2014

Dams Cause Climate Change, They Are Not Clean Energy Retrieved 12th of April 2016.

Three Gorges Dam: The Cost of Power

Date: Monday, October 20, 2008

The Wrong Climate for Damming Rivers

from Todd SouthgatePlus4 months ago

knights templar cross

Shieldwww.swordsfromspain.com200 × 210Search by imageThe Miniature Knights Templar Shield by Marto of Toledo Spain features the Templar cross in red upon a white field.

Patricia Smith, 2016. VSW31 Fine Art Studio Practice 2.




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