Green Girl

The Green Man- Lord of the Forrest

The green Man is the spirit of the forest, trees and plants.

He is a pagan representation of the repeated cycle of birth, growth, death and rebirth. He is the cycle of life. The Green Man is the male energy , the consort to the she or mother Goddess, Mother Earth. The Green Man is the vegetation that comes from the earth. The mother is eternal and never dies , while the Lord lives dies and lives again. He is energy reincarnation.

The Green Girl pictured right is representation of the pagan God the Green Man. Though this representation takes on new meaning with the fact that he is a young girl. She also lives , grows , dies and lives again , and is also eternal as is mother earth. But the blood from her lips represents immortality and the danger of the expectation that all will be the same, without care and respect for the mother earth, then she too may become mortal and die young.

Oil on canvas and Photoshop by Patricia Rose

green girl 2 copy

The Green Man-From benign to angry .

The Green Man, a Medieval iconography that survived the Reformation of Renaissance decoration can still be found in several Somerset churches from the 1530’s. They can be found carved on bench ends in parish churches and on wooden roof tops in Devon. In the 14th century the Green Man carvings are kindly or benign naturalistic heads with foliage, and can be located in the Southwell Minster interior. From the 15th and 16th centuries they are pictured as ugly death heads that remind us that flesh is mortal. In the 19th centry the Green Man enjoyed a revival with renewed interest in Gothic architecture. Sir George Gilbert Scott (1811-1878) incorporated the Green Man in to many of his buildings, but did not carry any moral message as the authentic medieval style did, but are ornamental and became grotesque as did Pan in the Greek nature God.

Walter S. Arnold stone sculpture image left.

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