I Love you


Mei Xian Qiu “I Love You” Iacda Los Angeles Center for Digital Art. Electron Salon International Group Exhibition January 14-February 20, 2016

The series, “I love you” examines the intersections of adoration and desperation, victim and aggressor, oppression and self-oppression, globalism, even colonialization and provincialism.” http://lacda.com/exhibits/MeiXianQiu.html

Mei Xian Qiu grew up a third-generation member of the persecuted Chinese minority in Java, Indonesia. She has constructed dystopia evolving from the theme Qilin, which is a ‘benevolent Chinese mythical creature, the Qilin symbolizes hybridism and duality’. The name is a combination of male (qi) and female (lin), and is an omen of change and good luck. Mei Xian Qiu explores her own identity through images of conflicting stero types. Aggressor as vulnerable and passive, the seemingly vulnerable and passive depicted as the aggressor, which concludes a duality and hybrid co-existence. The theme on human identity and the co-existence of humanity and nature are aspirations that one seeks in creating art. The Greek god of nature Pan and Psyche are themes which one often contemplates. Pan being nature is the nurturer of human psyche, therefore the closer to nature the stronger psychic ability is in humanity. Qilin is as Pan, as nature is portrayed as inhospitable and dangerous in nineteenth century European art, it is also portrayed as feminine psyche, or feme fatal in the twentieth century. Something to fear.

MEGAN ABRAHAMS, MAY 2014. Mei Xian Qiu Kopeikin Gallery Noah Beckers Whitehot Magazine of contemporary Art. http://meixianqiu.com/press/

qiu 2

In trying to find human identity in connection to land. I investigate indigenous artists to try and find a way to show the importance of environmental preservation for the survival of humanity and how humanity interacts with the natural environment. Indigenous artist Susan Nelson paints the Holy Spirit falls on Jesus at his baptism. Jesus is plunged waist high into the water bellow, the Holy Spirit rains down onto the land that fills the water hole, the Holy Spirit is portrayed as a bird motif suggesting that the spirit is within nature and rests on Jesus’s shoulder. The Father the Son and the Holy Spirit is replicated as the cloud which is depicted in an earlier painting named just that. The three elements of the Father the Son and the Spirit give the impression that they are to be found on earth and below the cloud, they are washing over the earth. These elements are firmly found on earth. We are of the earth, as is Qilin, Pan and Psyche.

susan nelson

Susan Nelson  |  Holy Spirit falls on Jesus at his baptism

Jap 007187  |  acrylic on canvas  |  40 x 33 cm


Julalikari Artists. Gallery 2, May 20, 2011 – June 29, 2011

Sarrita King depicts their ancestors submerged into the landscape of moving dots and colour. There appears to be three meteor type explosions and concaved indentations into a territorial state like pattern. It feels atmospheric and warm, one feels as if they might melt into the atmosphere and merge into a sea of atoms. Her work shows a meditative dream like state that submerges the viewer into a universal vibration that transports one into the realm of the spirits. The name Ancestors revel to us a past ancient time, a time that is so incomprehensible that one can only demonstrate in visual narrative.

King has demonstrated the narrative to enormous effect. The earth nurtures the entering Ancestors as Pan nurtured Psyche, and Qi and Lin emerged into Qilin, which is believed to bring change and good luck.

Therefore there is a correlation, between Pan and the Ancestors (male), nurturing Psyche or earth (female) into the human spirit which equals Qilin, the hybridization of male and female. So the Ancestors penetrate earth conceiving the human spirit.

Mei Xian Qiu demonstrated this in her series I Love You (2016), meaning the human spirit is love. The coming together of male and female, negative and positive means love.

Sarrita King

Sarrita King  |  Ancestors 2014

Jap 011074  |  acrylic on linen  |  200 x 150 cm


Jack Dale Mengenen shows the white man separating his people from their land. Killing many and chaining others for working parties that will work to further separate the people from the land and away from the Holy Spirit, shown in Susan Nelson’s Holy Spirit falls on Jesus at his Baptism and away from Sarrita Kings, Ancestors and separated from Psyche or Qi separated from Lin. The human spirit is being separated from love in Jack Dale Mengenen’s Saddlers Creek, torn from their ancestry therefore torn from love.

jack dale

Jack Dale Mengenen  |  Saddlers Creek

Jap 006404  |  ochre on linen  |  206 x 145 cm

Jack Dale Mengenen Gallery 1 February 18, 2011 – March 30, 2011.


With the consideration of Mei Xian Qiu, Susan Nelson, Sarrita King and Jack Dale Mengenen’s work on male female connection, one will attempt to demonstrate the possibility of reconnecting the human psyche to that of the land and nature, which will in effect create a feeling of love toward nature and humanity. Please stay posted to see what transpires.


Pan Comforts Psyche, “Pan tröstet Psyche“, by

Reinhold Begas, 1831. Schöneberg; † 3. August 1911 Schöneberg) Berlin, Alte Nationalgalerie 1858.

Begas attempts to reconnect human psyche with nature in Pan comforts Psyche.

‘Nature takes Psyche under her wing: every soul on the path of individuation is cherished by Nature. That scene is the making of Psyche in the sense that it shows her connection with Nature because the soul’s separation from nature is an illusion of the mind’.

Symolreader.  Eros and Psyche (3)

Posted on November 12, 2013


art nooveau pan psyche

Art Nouveau Print

‘ Pan and Psyche ‘ The God of The Wild with Psyche, daughter of Venus (Roman) Aphrodite (Greek). Print of the Woodcut by Thomas Sturge Moore (1870-1944) The Famous English Author, poet and artist.

Printing Date:


Moore presents Psyche and Pan as intended by the Greek mythology. With the human psyche connected and nourished by nature.

pan and she goat

Pan and Goat unearthed from the Villa dei Papiri in 1752. Statue of Pan and the she-goat on display at the ‘Life and Death in Pompeii and Herculaneum’ exhibition: British Museum.

Sin Madison 2013. Pan and the She-Goat Controversy: The Greek God Pan. https://greekgodpan.wordpress.com/2013/09/16/pan-and-the-she-goat-controversy/

One might argue that this depiction of Pan is a corrupted version of Greek mythology. In fact this is a Roman Satyr which could be the beginning of the forced separation from nature. By influencing Greek slaves to abandon nature by portraying nature as something repulsive was a strategy of Roman Kings. The corruption of the Greek hero Hercules (bottom left) is another example of this, by making him out to be a repulsive drunken primitive.

The English took up the same strategy when invading other territories including Australia.


Life and Death in Pompeii and Herculaneum, British Museum – exhibition review | Exhibitions | Going Out | London Evening Standardwww.standard.co.uk2599 × 3520Search by image

joseph lycett

Joseph Lycett. The Ancient Corroboree Ground at Wickham

By Gionni Di Gravio http://www.abc.net.au/local/photos/2014/01/21/3929480.htm

Joseph Lysett paints corrobboree as coherent and orderly in respectful admiration, while Glover paints a picture of animalistic monkey’s jumping around in mock humour. This is a corruption of cultural knowledge and an attempt to undermine culture. Therefore mock the importance of the connection to land and nature. As did the Romans to the Greeks in Pan and the she-goat and Hercules.


Aborigines Dancing at Brighton, Tasmania, 1835 Glover’s ground zero

August 18, 2004 http://www.theage.com.au/articles/2004/08/17/1092508449989.html?from=storyrhs

domestication 2 copy.jpg

Domestication of aboriginal women print.jpg

The Domestication of Aboriginal People is from previous work in VSW24 Painting Art Project, 2014. It relates to the separation from land, nature and the environment. And shows the forced domestication of Aboriginal people.

man from earth

Also from VSW24 Painting Art Project, I attempt to reunite homo sapiens and earth.. Rebuild the connection to country and therefore rebuild the connection to our psychic ability to respond to each other and nature harmoniously.


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