The Emancipation of Aboriginal People

EmancipationAs our government cuts spending it is also cutting back all protectionist laws that may impinge on corporate economy, as a result of which we are going to find that our environment is going to take a hard hit. The time has come for the emancipation of Aboriginal people. The sun is setting, but we can draw power in knowing that it will rise again. We can set our sights for the reclamation of  land that has been degraded for industry by imperial colonialism. One can stand firm on the birthing rock of ancestors and the ancestors give light in the evening star. It is time to fight back for the sake of the land that sustains us. Aboriginal people must rise for the protection of the land and not sir-come to industry and money, because at the end of the day when the sun sets, will there be anything left for the future generations if we don’t act we stand to lose everything. People must begin to care, caring is everything. Care about country, care about each other, because the powers that be are doing everything they can to make you not care, so that they can find us weak in our isolation, but if we rise up, stand firm and don’t give in to material gain and corruption, we can work together for together we are strong. Set sites on the horizon, go forth and fight for life, for industrial civilization is the enemy of life. Be clear in what is true and caring for life is the only way. Emancipate yourselves and be free.


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