A Portrait of the Working Class Man

atholl A portrait of the working class man and the deception of the preliterate following codes and   conventions that reflect the evolution of the working class man.

The bathroom is reminiscent of an oriental bath house, and the unfastened belt is indicative of the penetration of the orient. The viking tattoo shows an Anglo ancestry of rape and pillage, and the paintings of nature, and herons are symbolic of a stationary prosperity, but prosperity never comes. The masonry tiles show the desire for luxury, but the thread bare towel offers no comfort. The plant motifs evoke a time long forgotten in the race for progress. The basket and sheep skin slippers are indicative of past industry and agriculture, while the high visibility shirt shows the current occupation in the mining industry. The keys are on the teetering edge of a drive near collapse, as his gaze questions the future in technology. The deception is in the lack of education designed to keep the working class pilfering for the benefit of the elite minority. They are lead to believe that they will eventually reach a prosperous equality , but never educated enough to know that this will never happen.


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