Biometrics, a privacy violation in our schools

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Biometrics, a privacy violation

in our schools

I am a parent of two daughters that attend Northam Senior High School. In recent months I have discovered that our children have had their privacy violated by unauthorized consent. The school has allowed the introduction of Biometrics which in our case is finger scanning, it is a tool for the accumulation of your children’s personal data and stored in a global data base called BioStore ultimately owned by FOX.  This action is a violation of our children’s privacy and according to Privacy International the technology has no restrictions on standards in the biometric process, from collecting and retaining data as well as authorised access that can be traded by corporations, including potential employees, insurance companies, and government departments. ‘Biometrics is the measurement of unique and distinctive physical, biological and behavioural characteristics used to confirm the identity of individuals’. The deployment of biometric technology is unregulated by law and fails to incorporate privacy and data protection standards in their procedures. There is a need to identify ethical impacts, the dangers of the amassment of data, and the considerations of cultural and social norms.

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