The Dangers of Biometrics In our Schools

As part of the United Nations Sustainable Development, biometrics is a priority agenda that is being rolled out in our schools designed to accumulate individual data that will work to create a one global system in order to insure sustainable development. In the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in June 1992 highlighted Agenda 21, and with the onset of the Trades Pacific Partnerships (TPP) which our government has signed up for with 10 other countries, Agenda 21 is being fast tracked in secret. The TPP is a strategy that gives corporate multinationals power over all governments that sign up for this partnership and will implement the policies out lined in Agenda 21.
Agenda 21 is a leaked secret document that reveals plans to implement the environmental and sustainable development strategy that has a large focus on the control of population, children, women and indigenous people, and to use the terms used in the document; poverty elimination.
The Agenda reveals priorities of environmental protection and so called equality to a sustainable population and a sustainable and affordable workforce. The Biometrics that is being rolled out in our low socioeconomic schools is designed to filter in or out children and families that may or may not be desirable for the aims of Agenda 21.
The TPP will ensure that existing institutions, such as schools, health care units, and non-government organizations e.g. youth groups and so on will be employed by grant funding and provide vital information in data collection. The TPP works in favor of multinational corporations and is not for the benefit of individuals. Children under the control of biometric systems will be able to access the Internet under strict censorship restricting their education. Those who do not comply with the biometric system such as finger or hand scanning, face recognition, and micro chipping will be denied access to the Internet and modern learning systems. Therefore will be denied participation in society as a whole, because if the TPP and biometrics are not stopped now, the biometric system will be rolled out in all aspects of societal institutions such as bank access, social security, shopping, health care, insurance and so on.
In a nutshell, biometrics will provide corporations with data that has the potential to discriminate against you and your children.


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