Privacy and Corporate Funding in Public Schools

School Council Northam Senior High School                 10th of Dec 2013. Author Patricia Rose.

Privacy – The scanning of student fingerprints for the purposes of borrowing books from the library is an invasion of student privacy and is unethical and should be abolished. What reasoning does the state have for collecting personal data of our children?

All documents that are required to be completed by the students in regard to personal information about the student, parents and family must only be completed if the student has consent from the parent or guardian. No personal information should be sort from the student.

Corporate funding – The manipulation of corporations that dictate curriculum and teaching out comes should not be encouraged. Corporations should give money’s unconditionally, and have no bearing on educational priorities that work to favor an industry work force.

Industry lead education, leads to lower literacy and numeracy levels, which is reflected throughout history. History shows that in Britain, a sharp rise in literacy levels happened prior the industrial revolution, when the expansion of education was important for economic growth, but this education level dropped as the industrial revolution was set in full swing there is a correlation between then and now, the investment in the setup of mining has been completed, and we are now moving into production which requires less skill, so our students of today will need minimum education, as it was during the industrial revolution, it had a high demand for a less literate work force, and was desirable for the overall control of the working class. Records show that the peak literacy levels where between 1750 and 1770, with an average of 67% which then dropped to average 37%. This was because literacy became far less necessary for the formation of an industrial labor force. Literacy became necessary for only a ‘small elite, which where clerks, overseers, mechanics, craftsmen, carpenters, masons and rights, so as quoted from Sanderson (1983) “for the education of the ordinary workforce would raise their aspirations, and make them unwilling to serve their betters as hewers of wood and drawers of water”.

The same thing happened after WWII. We in Australia had a shortage of workers for the Agricultural industry. When children were shipped from Europe, and the Indigenous and poorer classes had their children stolen from them to for-fill a foreseen labor shortage. These children were denied access to a proper education and sent to farms as farm hands and domestics.

These revelations are conducive to a Liberal government when Liberalism was born out of revolution and bourgeoisie elite dominated the politerate for slave labor.   In the TAFE Directors Australia East Meets West TDA 2012 National Conference, the State Premier Colin Barnett stated that directors should give high priority to industry training, namely mining. It was made clear that educational State funding is sourced through industries, giving little choice to what funded programs may entail. It is understood this gives educational institutes little flexibility in terms of programs provided. The Premier might argue that we must work for realistic employment programs to insure employability, but if this is the case then there is little point in keeping these children at school at all, because the employment that the Premier is referring to will require only lower school education, so is the school working to fully educate these children or is it simply an institution of control.

Our state government is paying Chinese students that are studying leadership roles in industry in China, to study English, so that they can come here and lead our industries. Incentives for these students are free VISA’s and free air ticks to come to Australia to work. Why aren’t we putting this money into educating our own? The reasoning behind this is because of foreign investment and deals being struck between our government and industry. Another quote from Barnett to Chinese investors was “Our Australian children are very multicultural and will be good for experimentation” It is clear that our children are being primed for a menial labor force, second rate education and experimentation, in the name of ‘Economy’. This gives our children no rights to choose their future. For us to accept this and say to these children your NAPLAN or WAMSE test shows you will never achieve and will have no other prospects in life other than working the mines as general labor or making hamburgers at McDonalds. This notion is a failure of the education system and corporations should give money’s unconditionally, and have no bearing on educational priorities that work to favour an industry work force. This is something we must not accept.

Barnett (2012) Media statement: Ischool’ In as students Head Back to Class Announcement. Why-Australia/Highly-Skilled-a…  Retrieved 31st of January 2013

Sandersson,M (1983) Education, Economic Change and Society in England 1780-1870: Studies in Economic and Social History. The Economic History Society. Macmillian Publishers LTD. Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire RG21 2XS and London.


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