Our River Systems are at Risk

deep drainage Our river systems are at risk.

A few years back I worked with environmental groups in a campaign against ‘Deep Drainage‘. It is proven in projects around the world that if you dredge ancient water systems, it is likely you will end up with an acid problem, which will inevitably end up as an ongoing engineering life time commitment. What happens when the funding runs out?

Our state government is now committing to such a plan in a different package, and why does nobody seems to know about it. Lake Yearling, Ewlyamartup and Towerrinning have been short listed and analysed, and what is the motive, because this project was not initiated by land holders, or our key stake holders, but initiated by government. Why?

Living Lakes project in Regional Western Australia. Is this environmental security, water security or a disaster?


‘The Department of Regional Development (DRD) is investigating the feasibility of revitalising two lakes under a pilot project, to develop recreational, social and economic opportunities.’ What are the economic opportunities?

The lakes were assessed by JDA Consultant Hydrologists (JDA) and ranked against a range of key target themes including regional development, tourism potential, lake enhancement options, social impacts, business opportunities, ecological impacts, recreational and social opportunities, ground water and surface water potential, landscape, geomorphology, lake morphology, land vesting and access to each lake.’

Questions we need to ask:

Why is this quiet?

Is this a water storage strategy, designed to cater for another soon to be realised industry?

What industries will this water storage be catering for?

Who is funding this?

Why would big corporates be interested in beautifying our little lakes, unless it is for big industry?

Why,  as a point of criteria does the project need to be near a town with a population no less than 50?

Is this a point of sale?

Is this engineering proposal a deep drainage promotion?

These lakes are catchment areas to our river systems, they must not be contaminated for the sake of industry or recreation. Farmers affected by rising water tables need to work toward more sustainable practices and not rely on engineering alternatives that do not last long term. The only way is for them to surrender more property for revegetation on a massive scale.

It is proposed that the lakes will be dredged and built to a higher carrying capacity, over flow water will be channeled and cut off from natural swamp areas.

Dredging and deep drainage causes acid contamination, and it is proposed that ground water is sourced and pumped into the lakes to keep the acid and salt flowing out, which will reach our river systems.

Engineering is not a good option.

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