Commonwealth of Australia


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Seal of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

10 Group PLC/Commonwealth Government of Australia 8880

We need to ask our Government, what is 10 Group PLC. Incorporated under the Laws of England and Wales? How much does the U.S. Securities & exchange Commission own the Commonwealth Government? The Bank of New York, the ‘depository’ and the 10 Group PLC (Commonwealth Government of Australia) named the ‘Company‘ in agreement documents highlighted below are making deals without us, But what is our Government doing?

In the American Depository Shares document (2004); it states in section 1. The Deposit Agreement: “each of whom by accepting; what is named a ‘Receipt’ agrees to become a party thereto and become bound by all the terms and conditions there of. The deposit Agreement sets forth the rights of Owners and Beneficial Owners of the receipts and the rights and duties of the Depository in respect of the shares deposited there-under and any and all other securities, property and cash from time to time received in respect of such shares and held there-under (such shares, securities, property, and cash are herein called “Deposited Securities”). In section 24. Submission to Jurisdiction; ‘Waiver of Immunities.’ In the Deposit Agreement, the ‘Company’ has appointed CT Corporation in New York to be authorized agent which may serve any process served in any suit or Deposit Securities, The American Depository shares, the ‘Receipts’ or this agreement. To the extent that the ‘Company’ or any of it’s properties, assets or revenues may have attributed to it, any right of immunity, on the grounds of sovereignty or otherwise, from any legal action, suit or proceeding, from the jurisdiction of any court, from service of process, from attachment upon prior to judgment, from attachment in aid of execution or judgment, or other legal process or proceedings for the giving of any relief or for the enforcement of any judgment, in any jurisdiction in which proceedings may at any time be commenced, with respect to its obligations, liabilities or any other matter under or arising out of or in connection with the shares or deposited securities, the American Depository Shares, the Receipts or the Deposited Agreement, the Company, to the fullest extent permitted by law, hereby irrevocably and unconditionally waives, and agrees not to plead or claim, any such immunity and consents to such relief and enforcement.

What does this mean? Does this mean the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission own the rights to our sovereignty? and the CT Corporation is authorized as our agent to make any deals necessary to keep our shares profitable? What has been deposited as “Deposited Securities” and how much?


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