The Ephemeral Government and the TPP

Failure to serve the people. A breach of the Australian constitution, by the Australian Government.

Failure to serve the people. A breach of the Australian constitution, by the Australian Government.


The Ephemeral Government and the TPP.

Our past and present governments have all been ephemeral in the sense that they have worked only in design of short-term goals, but having said that the long-term goal is for a ‘New World Order‘. Our government is ephemeral in that it has prepared us for a state of Socialist Communism, and it won’t be long before our government, here, in Australia is ‘working for’ a new form of government. This new form of government is a corporate dictatorship like we have never seen before. Our government has failed us, it no longer serves the people, we are mere commodities that can be bought and sold.

The Australian Government says that it will work with groups such as the Group of Twenty (G20) and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation to dissuade nations from pursuing protectionist policies (White paper 2013). These protectionist policies are the fabric of our constitution designed to protect the people and our environment. The Trans-Pacific Partnership would create a permanent corporate rule over the people. Countries that sign up for the agreement will be cancelling out food safety laws, such as regulations on pesticides, bacterial contamination, fecal exposure and toxic additives. They will also lose control over food labelling laws, such as organic, GMO free, country of origin and animal welfare. The international standards will label these regulations as illegal trade barriers.  The TPP also sacrifices export regulations in gas, minerals and water, meaning that the corporate controllers will be selling our own resources back to us at exorbitant prices, or worse, hold us to ransom.

Nestle Chairman Peter Brabeck-Letmathe ( )is quoted to have said “Water Is Not A Human Right, Should Be Privatized”
“If they can’t pay for the water then they go thirsty”.

This very dangerous agreement also gives power to big drug companies given the monopoly on prices, banks can restrict reforms that separate consumer banking from risky investment banking, and the internet providers will become a big brother police force where they can monitor user activity, take down content and cut off access.

The government White Paper on Australia in the Asian Century demonstrates that if Australia is to benefit from the rise in the Asian markets then it must embrace international trade and capitalist growth or face economic downturn and loss of jobs. Since the election of the Abbott government, Tony Abbott and his crew have systematically cut costs in all public sectors, and thousands have lost their jobs. Businesses and farmers have also lost government support, forcing them to sell to foreign investors or seek to shift factories and employment to lower wage nations that have signed into the TPP agreement. Corporations get special foreign investor protection that limits the cost and risk of relocating factories, which saves our government billions of taxpayer money.

The White Paper states that a restriction on trade, including the exploitation of Australia’s resources, such as water and soil, is necessary for Australia to survive in a global society. People, this so called must have global society is not necessary. We have enough resources in this country to provide for everything we need. The problem we have is the big corporations want all our resources, to make money. Communist China has placed its self in a position to take whatever they want. Britain has handed over our sovereignty as shares to the US Security Council and the US owes China a lot of money, so Australia has no choice other than to sell everything they can to foreign investors in order to pull the US and Australia out of dept. This is because we have allowed the Chinese to gain control of product ability.  This product ability is the root of capitalist power, which our government and the British government have lost due to the degradation of home product ability.  Greed is its own worst enemy in that corporate conglomeration have out smarted themselves with relying on cheap labor for production from communist countries, but now China is in a position to call the shots. Our country, Britain and America are completely dependent on China for product, and some might say that China is dependent on the rest of the world for resources. The problem is we have out consumed our means. China has stock piled our resources and are positioned to hold back on spending and investment, and can ask for whatever price they want for our resources. This is why our government is so desperate to sell to foreign investors. Jobs are lost to lower wage nations until we are so desperate we will also take what we can get to feed ourselves. We will lose our properties to foreign take over and water will eventually be rationed in exchange for work.  This is already happening in China and we are not emune.

A collage by Patricia Rose. 2013.

Richard I’Anson Lonely Planet Photographer

© Copyright Lonely Planet Images 2011. Parliament House, Canberra

Parliament House with mosaic in foreground.$22737-2#ixzz2aDdWVcyy.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Caucasian Head Hunters: Skull & Bones

The Cherokee National News by: Cherokee X

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    • Hi Raymon, thanks for the comment. I f you go to the white paper link embedded in the article you can investigate some facts for your self. I try to get people thinking and hope they will also try to investigate some of these facts. That way we can discuss things more objectively.


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